About the New Toll System

The current Humber Bridge toll system has remained largely unchanged for the past 30 years, and is in need of replacement. That’s why we are investing in an innovative new electronic tolling system that’s designed to improve traffic flow and reduce disruption for millions of users each year. The new system will feature some of the world’s most advanced tolling equipment, and will bring the iconic Humber Bridge to the forefront of toll technology in the UK, providing regular users with a simple, convenient way to pay whilst reducing crossing times.

The benefits of the new system include ...



Behind the scenes, we will be carrying out the final tests on the roadside equipment and back-office systems.


Bridge users will be able to apply for a HumberTAG account. Customers will need to complete an application form, which will be available to download from the Humber Bridge’s website, the Humber Bridge Board reception, and any current Humber Bridge ticket stockists.


The HumberTAG part of our website will go live. This means that customers will be able to apply for an account online. It also means that account holders will be able to access their online accounts and update details and add more credit. Users will also be able to customise various notifcation settings.


The new system will go live during early November, with bridge customers using their HumberTAGs and the open-road toll lanes.